Discover Hue’s Must-See Sites in One Day From Hoi An

9:00 AM: Depart from Hoi An and drive to Marble Mountain, a collection of five marble and limestone peaks with temples, caves, and pagodas located on the hillside.

10:30 AM: Drive along the scenic Hai Van Pass, a mountain pass with views of the coast and nearby villages, to reach the city of Hue.

12:00 PM: Arrive in Hue and visit the Khai Dinh Tomb, a unique blend of traditional Vietnamese and Western architectural styles built in the early 20th century.

1:00 PM: Enjoy a traditional Vietnamese lunch in one of the local restaurants.

2:00 PM: Head to the Imperial City, a walled fortress and palace complex that served as the political and cultural center of Vietnam during the Nguyen dynasty. Explore the various temples, halls, and gardens within the city walls.

4:00 PM: After a busy morning, take a relaxing boat ride along the Perfume River to the Thien Mu Pagoda, one of the oldest and most revered pagodas in Vietnam.

5:30 PM: Return to the city center and enjoy a stroll along the lively Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, filled with street vendors, shops, and local restaurants.

7:00 PM: Finish the day with a traditional Vietnamese dinner, trying local specialties like Bun Bo Hue or Com Hen.

8:30 PM: Return to your hotel for a good night’s rest, ready for more adventures tomorrow.

Note: This itinerary assumes you have an average pace and are taking the drive from Hoi An to Hue, which typically takes around 3-4 hours. You may want to adjust the timings to fit your own pace and preferences.

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