Top 5 the Most Amazing Dishes You Must Eat in Danang

There is no place in Vietnam but Danang that you can taste the specialties from both the North, Central, and South of the country. This city offers various inexpensive traditional dining options that any visitor must eat in Danang. And in this article today, we will guide you through the amazing dishes that can satisfy even the most critical epicures. Please stay with us till the end since no Danang trip can be complete without this food.

Mi Quang (Vietnamese Turmeric Noodle)

Danang must-try food The first dish in our list today is the must-try noodle in Danang, Mi Quang. Originally from Quang Nam, a small province near Danang, Mi Quang is a definitive mix between noodle soup and salad. It includes rice noodles with the yellow color from turmeric and a little bone broth. With a reasonable price, you will get a generous dish with several meat toppings for your taste varying from shrimp, pork to chicken.

Finally, the mix of basil, coriander, and sliced banana flower will add freshness to the bowl. Besides, it is best to add lemon and chili sauce for a sour and spicy kick to tone up the taste of this ensemble.  Walking along the street in Danang, you can get a bowl of Mi Quang without any hassles. However, if you are a real epicure and want to experience the native taste of Mi Quang, we will give you a recommendation.

Banh Trang Thit Heo (Sliced pork in rice paper rolls)

Delicious dish for late noon As its name implies, banh trang cuon thit heo, one of the foods that you must eat in Danang, is the combination of tender pork and soft rice paper. Like many other specialties of Vietnam, this dish comes with many herbs such as basils, corianders, lettuces, and sliced cucumber. Thus, the fat of meat will be balanced with the freshness and the sweet, spicy, sour, and salty fish sauce. For a roll of this ensemble, you will need a little bit of finesse.

First, you should carefully peel a layer of rice flour. After that, put the rice flour at the top of the rice paper before adding pork, herbs, and roll things up. Finally, dip the roll into the special sauce, and enjoy the blooming flavor in your mouth. Banh trang cuon thit heo is ideal for a light meal at late noon. Moreover, you can try it at many stores and restaurants around Danang. However, we considered the below place to be a favorite spot to satisfy the hunger.

Banh Mi: Must eat in Danang

Ham sandwiches might be familiar to you since it is famous all around the world. However, Vietnamese bread, which share common with Western sandwiches, will bring you the one in a million experience. One of the must-try eateries in Danang is banh mi Mrs.Lan. With the long-standing history, this small food stall sells thousands of traditional bread for a long waiting queue. Banh mi Ba Lan is the combination of crispy bread, jambon, cha, and especially fragrant homemade pate.

Moreover, the richness of fat is balanced with cucumber, coriander, chili, and spring onions for the perfect harmony. For that reason, it is understandable that this bread is one of the best delicious food that you must eat in Danang. However, the bread is so delicious and famous that there are several fake banh mi stalls in Danang. Above all, you should try this mouth-watering bread at two authentic address below.

Banh Xeo: Crispy and Tasty Traditional Pancake

Pancake is not strange to people around the world. However, the Vietnamese version with more traditional and distinctive flavor will impress you for the first try. This pancake is made from a super-thin and crispy layer from rice flour, turmeric, and coconut milk. And the stuffing ingredients include shrimps, beansprouts, pork, mushrooms, and sliced onions. These fresh ingredients from local markets make this eatery one of the tastiest food you must eat in Danang. It is most noteworthy that it should be served while it comes right out from the pan, hot and crispy.

You should wrap it in lettuces, mint leaves, or rice papers and dip in special peanut sauce. All in all, banh xeo is such a familiar dish that you can find it anywhere in Danang, from roadside food stalls, local markets to luxurious restaurants.  However, if you want to taste the traditional flavor of banh xeo, we strongly recommend Mrs. Duong restaurant, the best banh xeo in this crowded city.

Bun Mam Nem (Vermicelli salad with pork and anchovy sauce): Must-eat food in Danang

From Soc Trang province in Mekong Delta, bun mam nem now becomes popular with residents and visitors in Danang. It is one of the most delicious dishes that you must eat in Danang. Bun mam is specially made out of vermicelli, pork, vegetables, along with young papaya, peanuts, dried onions, and last but not least, anchovy sauce.  As its name implies, the exquisiteness of this ensemble wholly depends on the taste of its anchovy sauce, which has a secret recipe that differs among restaurants.

Traditionally, the origin of Bun Mam Nem includes boiled pork, but you can find delicious modern version with roasted pork for more flavors.  For the special gourmets who crave for the best traditional taste, we strongly recommend Bun Mam Ba Van (Mrs. Van Restaurant). You can check out the details right below

Final Words

In conclusion, Danang is a real paradise for food-lovers with its distinctive cuisine. Therefore, no trip to Danang is complete without the specialities of this city.   For that reason, these best five delicious dishes that you must eat in Danang should be included in your trip to this coastal city. Moreover, if you have tried these dishes, feel free to leave your comments below and tell us about your experience. Thank you for reading!

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